In my last blog post, I showed some reference images of the original W.O.P.R. as well as pictures of the decaying prop that eventually sold at auction. The crude drawing I made had a couple of problems. First, it wasn’t as accurate as I would’ve liked. Second, and this was the more annoying one, is that the desk orientation was wrong.

In my first drawing, I showed the WOPR as it appears in the prop, with the large central core piece on the right. If I was making a perfect replica, this would be mandatory. But since I’m putting the desk in my office, I need it to actually fit there. Sitting under the window with the right-aligned orientation it would block a doorway, so I can’t have that.

After countless delays where I had to spend time on my day job, spend time with family, and work on some of the technical books I’m writing, I finally had a few minutes to sit down with the SketchUp tool and create a 3D model.

Here’s a look:

3D Sketch

(Click here for the full image so you can see the details)

I’ve added some labels to some key pieces of the desk:

  • A 10” HDMI screen that will go into the top of the WOPR core section. The original prop has some blinky lights in this spot but I’d rather use it for a custom monitor.
  • Countdown Clock - I intend to replicate the clock found here and embed it in desk. I’ll likely make this clock configurable so I can either do a countdown or display just a regular clock or something.
  • Accessory Panel - I haven’t decided exactly what I want to put here, but some USB ports are probably going to be the bare minimum. I might also put a barrel jack there with a configurable DC supply so I can use it to power microcontroller/breadboard projects.
  • LED panel - My goal is to have this be a faithful reproduction of the original set of blinky lights from inside the WOPR. I should be able to replicate it pretty well, so one project will be writing the microcontroller code to reproduce the color and blink timing pattern from the movie.
  • Cabinets - I plan on making the non-functional cabinet doors from the original prop be doors into functioning storage. At least one of these cabinet doors will allow me access to all the hardware and wiring that will ultimately end up inside the desk.

Stay tuned for more updates!