If you take a look at the table of contents, you’ll see that it’s been about 10 months since I’ve posted on this site. There was a couple of months where I technically didn’t have the ability to post to it, but mostly I’ve just been too busy. This year I wrote two programming books and I presented at five technical conferences. While managing all this I managed to spend enough time with my family that they didn’t disown me. Now that the year end is approaching and I don’t have any conferences or books scheduled, I can get back to spending some time on my passion project.

After seeing how my office is going to work, I’ve yet again reversed the plans so that the “tower” portion of the WOPR will be on the right, framing one of my large windows. I grabbed a bunch of nice pine and some cabinet-quality finish plywood and started building the “box” of the WOPR.

The picture below is looking down at the left side of the desk. There’s a lid that goes on top of this. But this is basically the bay in which all my electronics will sit. This will be where there’s an Arduino controlling the various WOPR LEDs and countdown/clock LCDS. The hole in the bottom and left are where I’ll be running wires.

Top Frame

Below is the front of the desk. The middle section with the three holes will eventually be laser-cut aluminum with retro-looking bulb housings for LEDs. Eventually I’ll have something that looks like the middle of the WOPR here and I might even be able to mimic the blink pattern from the movie. The three holes will be where the wires run into the bay with the Arduino/microcontrollers/etc. You can see that in this picture, the “lid” is in place on top of the electronics area. I eventually plan on having this lid hinged for easy access.

Desk Frame

Finally here’s a somewhat isometric look at the electronics bay, giving you a little idea of how I’m planning to have everything rigged up. The idea is to keep all the fiddly bits that might require maintenance or upgrades within arm’s reach under the hinged lid.

Desk Frame

Stay tuned for more updates on the desk progress!