A lot of people have been asking about the secret door in my house. I literally have a secret door that leads into my home office.

When the work was being done on the home office, I saw an opportunity to overengineer a number of things. My personal motto has always been: if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing .

Here’s a video of the door in action:

At its core it is really just two big bookshelves. The shelf on the right (while standing in the dining room) is permanantly fixed and doesn’t move. The one on the left pivots on super strong and smooth cylinder hinges at the top and bottom, and the seam between the shelves is hidden behind some trim.

With some fantastic decoration and arrangement done by my wife on the shelf, it looks completely innocuous. Even the Alice in Wonderland book seems as though it belongs on the shelf.

The book has been hollowed out and replaced with wood on the inside. There’s a hinge screwed to the shelf and the book so it can rock back and forth freely.

Attached to the book is a strong cable that lifts a simple “shed latch” to unlock the office door.

At the moment this process is entirely manual. As part of my WOPR project, I plan on building out an NFC/RFID reader that goes inside the Alice in Wonderland book. The card numbers will be sent to an application I build that will determine if you’re allowed to enter the office. If you are, an Arduino will pull back on a solenoid to release the latch and unlock the door.

Stay tuned to the WOPR project area for more build details as I turn my home office into a mad scientist lair.